Effective Cauliflower Ear Treatment

CauliCure™ was an idea during my first few weeks as a White Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I was the 215 pound guy that no one wanted to roll with!!  

So I made a commitment to train full time, being lucky enough to have put my chiropractic practice in the center of a mixed martial arts academy.  It was the perfect location to get four days a week in, and hopefully become competent enough to avoid hurting my fellow athletes.  My first bout with ear pain happened rather quickly, and I was dealing with my first swollen, blood filled "Badge of Honor"? 

I spoke to my coach about it and received the "You gotta drain it bro".  Really?  My question was more along the lines of what do you do after you drain it.  

Surprising fact:                                
~No one had a viable solution for keeping the skin of my ear adhered to the cartilage beneath~ 

  • I tried headgear and hated wearing it with a passion
  • I knew I could get a colleague to stitch the tissue together, and potentially fork over $300.00, along with topical and oral antibiotics.  Of course, that equated to no training due to the risk of infection.
~The idea was born out of necessity~

Dr. Bryan Ales