CauliCure Advanced Compression System for the treatment, solution, and prevention of Cauliflower Ear - Green

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"Cauliflower Ear", while a badge of honor for some, can be an embarrassing disfigurement for others. Fortunately CauliCure can help to restore your ears to their natural shape!

Calulicure removes risk of disfigurement in one easy step. Using compression, the skin is safely connected to your ear's cartilage immediately after draining.

The CauliCure™ Advanced Compression Systems comes with the following:

Included are 4 magnetic compression discs in various sizes to fit any location on the ear. Each disc comes in a sealed container to take with you wherever you go. In addition, the kit provides a headband to ensure proper position while you sleep. It's that simple!

Learn how to treat your ear with Caulicure

Also available in Black